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I say “all of the methods” because as an online marketing veteran of some 16+ years I have learnt more than just one-way to drive free traffic…

And as someone that’s just shown that you’re interested in learning how to drive free traffic to your websites. I’d like  to invite you, (should you wish)… to enrol into a brand new and exclusive Free Traffic Coaching Program called The Web Traffic Masterplan.

This new program is a 12 month long coaching program which is delivered online and taught personally by myself.

Each month, like clockwork, I will teach you another new PROVEN way to increase traffic to your website using ‘tried and tested’ free traffic methods.

The regular monthly tuition fee for the Web Traffic Masterplan will be $37 per month.

However as you have just invested in Ultimate Free Traffic and shown to me that you are committed to the success of your online business.

I’ve decided to almost HALF your cost of enrolment should you decide to claim one of a special hundred discounted ‘charter memberships’ which I’m releasing to celebrate the launch of the Web Traffic Masterplan coaching program.

Plus as you are about to discover I’ve also worked out a way for you to enrol into the first month of the program for just $1.

You may already have heard the term Multiple Streams Of Income before…

Now get ready for
Multiple Streams Of Free Traffic.


  • No More Ads…
  • No More Banners…
  • No More Email Buys!

Just lots of free targeted visitors arriving at your website day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.

All WITHOUT any of the associated extra advertising costs.

If totally free traffic is good enough for the biggest, most successful and wealthiest marketers in your niche… Then why not put Free Traffic to work yourself?

Here Are The 5 Top Reasons Why Free Traffic ROCKS!

  • No going broke trying to learn the ropes
  • These strategies level the playing field between you and the ‘big dogs’ in your niche
  • Free traffic is surprisingly powerful, targeted and profitable!
  • It’s easy to get started – you could be implementing your first free traffic strategy just minutes from now
  • These strategies are just as good if not BETTER than many forms of paid advertising so you’ll enjoy great results without paying so much as a penny in advertising costs.

Free Traffic Is Amazing!

But you need to be aware… Not all free traffic strategies have been created equally…

It’s important that you know which free traffic strategies to use and which to avoid.

And you need to know ‘the right way’ to use the proven strategies that work.

That’s what the Web Traffic Masterplan is about.


Helping you to identify what WORKS and what doesn’t.

Then helping you to implement each idea into your business quickly.

I will only coach you to use the free traffic strategies that predictably work every single time.

And I guarantee these will be the strategies you’ll wish you started using months if not years ago!

Just look at what you’ll get when you join the Web Traffic Masterplan coaching program today...

  • Everything is instant. You’ll get your first Web Traffic Masterplan report instantly when you join now – You can put it to work for you immediately! (Details in just a minute on what's included in this gem!)
  • You’ll get a new traffic strategy report to implement every month for as long as you remain in the program and I'll even send a message directly to your inbox as soon as it's become available to you – no more getting overwhelmed or confused!
  • You’ll finally get results. That’s because this monthly coaching is set up to give you the focus you need to succeed!
  • You’ll get a complete, new, meaty, 25-30 page Web Traffic Masterplan report every month – no guesswork required because you’ll get detailed, crystal-clear instructions that tell you how to deploy and profit from these traffic strategies!
  • You’ll discover the TRUTH about free traffic strategies – which ones work, which ones you should ignore. No more chasing after “bright and shiny” opportunities that fall flat!
  • You’ll get in-depth guidance on the “workhouse” strategies – these are the ones that predictably work every single time you use them! Just set these traffic "machines" in motion and watch your traffic analytics chart go crazy !
  • You’ll get amazing traffic tips and secrets that will open your eyes – even if you thought you knew about a particular strategy, you’ll learn something new each and every month without fail!
  • Your traffic will build every month as you discover and deploy a new strategy every month !
  • Your traffic (and profits!) will grow exponentially due to the synergistic effects of combining these methods together – together they’re way more powerful than when being used alone!

With this coaching program, you’ll learn month after month how to get FREE high-quality traffic to your online business.

It’ll be like getting a PhD in web traffic.

Over the coming 12 Months we’ll cover these proven free traffic strategies in detail…

  • Strategies for getting onto high-traffic blogs across the internet!
  • Proven ways to get powerful industry leaders to promote for you!
  • Viral promotion ideas to spread your marketing like the common cold!
  • Effective uses of short videos to get people to your site again and again!
  • The real ways to use eZine articles for quick bursts AND long-term visitors!
  • Your personal "secret weapon" that can drive traffic to your site in dozens of ways!
  • More than a dozen solid, effective tactics you can deploy immediately!

None of these strategies have ever been shared like I'm going to share them with you in this brand new coaching program… complete with my own "tweaks" and "behind the scenes" details which make them especially effective.

Excited? You should be… Because working with me for the following year on your website traffic campaign will be a huge catalyst for your business. Imagine the difference that a never ending torrent of new website visitors will have for your businesses .

With this in mind, let me give you a very quick sneap peak at your very first month’s Web Traffic Masterplan coaching materials.

How To Get A Constant Supply Of Targeted Visitors As A GUEST Blogger.

  • How to find, then leverage dozens of high quality high traffic blogs. Blogs that you can effectively "Siphon" traffic from.
  • A 5-step system for getting blog owners to permanently promote you to their readers.
  • 10 ways to "bribe" blog owners to say "yes" to letting you post to their blog (and even invite you back to do it again).
  • How to write a guest blog post that builds anticipation and gets readers to click through to visit your site.
  • Examples and ideas for everything from start to finish - more than just learning WHAT to do, you'll learn HOW to do it.

And that's just the first month!

You'll then go on to receive a total of twelve meaty blueprints over the next year containing only the most effective free traffic strategies.

So here’s a question…

What Are These Proven Traffic Strategies Worth To You?

Let’s say you sell or promote a $50 product.

That means each customer is worth $50 to you on the front end.

And on the backend you’ll likely enjoy many additional hundreds of dollars worth of customer value over the lifetime of this customer as he/she buys additional products and services from you.

So if one customer is worth hundreds of dollars, how much would a whole truckload of new customers would be worth to you every month?

Figure that out and you’ll know how much this monthly membership is worth to you and your bottom line!

Listen, you don’t have to do the math.

That’s because I’m going to make this very, very simple.

When you join The Web Traffic Masterplan now and lock in by claiming one of the first 100 charter memberships, you’ll be grandfathered in at the introductory price of just $19 per month.

Just 19 bucks a month and you’ll finally find out how to get all the traffic you need to succeed.

Think about itEven if these strategies deliver just ONE extra customer to you each month, you’d still easily recoup your investment and pocket a considerable profit.

But truth is, I’d be horribly disappointed and embarrassed if these free traffic strategies only brought you in just one extra customer a month.

You see, if you follow my instructions, you can expect much more traffic. MUCH more.

And that means more money in the bank for  you.

Every month, as promised, you’ll receive a new, proven traffic-strategy report.

Whilst other marketers charge $47 - $67 or more for meaty reports of this calibre. However you'll get them every month like clockwork for just $19 per month.

But only if you act now.

After the first 100 charter memberships are gone, the price will jump to $37.

I’m not kidding.

Ask around, and you’ll find out that this isn’t a gimmick – I always do what I say I’m going to do.

So when I tell you the price WILL go up, it’s just a matter of time.

So I hope you join today before the price increases.

Look, $37 per month is still a bargain – but why pay more when you don’t have to?

Save money by joining now to lock in at the low charter membership price of just $1 for your 1st month then just $19 per month thereafter!

And when you join now you'll not only lock-in forever at ‘the charter price’ but you'll also receive...

A Fast Action Bonus:
A Free Bonus Issue of Web Traffic Master Plan

Available For Immediate Download When You Order Today

That’s right click the button below right now and you'll receive a bonus issue of Web Traffic Master Plan available for immediate download upon completion of your order!

"How To Get Free Traffic Through Facebook®"

In this extra 30-page bonus issue you'll learn...

  • My 3-step simple system for getting FREE TRAFFIC from the world's number one social media platform which is also the World's second most visited site on a daily basis!
  • 4 quick action steps for getting everything setup ... in a "beginner friendly" language that anyone can follow.
  • 6 very effective ideas for posting to this mega-site which is definitely going to get the attention of others and persuade them to click through to your site.
  • Another 6 ways to make every post a winner ... not just what KIND of information to share but also what WORDS to use for best results.
  • 5 techniques for driving a lot of traffic to your page no matter what "niche" you are in.

Remember, you'll get this bonus issue immediately ... When you join today.

Here’s what to do now.

To add enrolment of the Web Traffic Master Plan to your order simply click the $1 charter membership enrolment button below right now.

We will then process your application and give you immediate and full access to the Web Traffic Masterplan website where you can download your first months training.

You’ve never had a better time than right now to discover how to really market your website using free traffic methods from a professional full-time internet marketer with in excess of 16 years experience for such a low investment.

Click The $1 enrolment button below to enrol. You’ll be glad you did. See you in the Web Traffic Masterplan membership area in just a moment.

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